Thursday, March 13, 2014

Which is better Pharmacy technician or Medical Assistant?

First things first. I'm a pharmacist and have trained quite a few pharmacy technicians over the years. Yes, it can be a good job. It can also be dead end too. 

Of course, in the clinic I'm at I'm around MA's too. 

Before you decide on any career though you have to look at yourself and find what your unique talents and abilities are. I'm not trying to sound like Tony Robbions but it's not just a matter of what's better. 

It's what's better for you as the unique person you are. 

With that being said a pharmacy tech salary can range from $25,000 to $40,000+ depending on your experience and how good you are 

I don't know any MA's making over forty grand a year, but I also don't know the MA's as well as I know my techs. 

The tech I know who makes that kind of money has a cake job. Four eight hour days a week and gets paid over $20 an hour. She's got a lot of experience but she works hard and really helps the pharmacist run his pharmacy. He knows he can't lose her or it would hurt him and his business big time. So he treats her like a queen. 

It also depends on who you talk to.